Mr. eSIM

[Philippines] eSIM⎪ 4G High Speed ​​Internet Access

Days: 5 Days
Data Plan: Total 3GB

eSIM Product Specifications

  • Carrier: Globe
  • Internet speed: 4G/3G
  • Flow limit: total flow type plan, if the flow is exhausted or the network is disconnected when the number of days expires, this package will refresh the flow of a new day at UTC+8 00:00:00 every day .
  • Call function: no
  • Days of use: After scanning QRocde and opening the roaming of the plan, the number of days will be counted, and it will be counted as one day after 23:59 Taiwan time.
  • Hotspot sharing: supports hotspot sharing, only one device is supported, and it cannot be guaranteed that all devices can share due to the model.
  • Device: Only supports IOS and Android system mobile phones that can use eSIM
  • Signal coverage: Covering the entire country, outlying islands, suburbs and mountainous areas have weaker signals (the signal will affect the quality of Internet access depending on factors such as location, terrain, building shelter, number of users, and weather).
  • It is recommended to connect to the local wifi after arriving at the destination, scan and add the eSIM plan to the mobile phone, and enable the roaming of the plan.

eSIM - Purchase Considerations

  • Once the QRCode is sent by email, it cannot be refunded.
  • The eSIM plan will receive the QRcode within 10 minutes after placing the order, and please add it within 30 days after placing the order, otherwise it will be invalid.
  • To join the esim program, it must be installed when the mobile phone is connected to the Internet.
  • After the device scans the QRcode, it is bound and cannot be replaced, nor can it be restored after deletion.
  • IOS system: Applicable to models above IphoneXR.
  • Android system: currently only supports Google and Samsung brand mobile phones, please go to the official website of the brand to confirm the applicable models.
  • Some mobile phones in China, Hong Kong and Macau do not support the e-sim function.
  • Mobile phones in some countries such as the United States and Japan may be locked to the frequency band of the carrier and cannot use the eSIM function.
  • Please confirm whether the device can use eSIM before purchasing. If you cannot use eSIM without confirming whether the model can be used in advance, no refund will be given.
  • If you can't use it at your destination, please contact us immediately, and you will not accept refunds if you go back to your country without contact.
Days: 5 Days
Data Plan: Total 3GB