Our Story

Mr. Esim is an international eSIM shop for more than 160 destinations. It’s simple to set up and provides 4G connection around the world. You’ll connect to the internet just by scanning a QR code, and you’ll never have to pay roaming fees again.


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Enhanced convenience and flexibility

By providing eSIM services, the team aims to enhance the travel experience by offering a more convenient and flexible way to access data and stay connected while traveling. With eSIM technology, travelers can easily switch between data plans and carriers, without having to switch out physical SIM cards or purchase local SIM cards in a foreign country.

Global coverage

The team’s eSIM technology provides global coverage, ensuring that travelers can stay connected and access data wherever they go. This means that travelers can use their devices to navigate new cities, stay connected with loved ones, and access important information without having to worry about expensive roaming fees or limited coverage.